About Us

Our faculty was established on 3 July 1992, however, started its educational activities in the 2004-2005 academic year. The first graduation of our faculty was held in 2008 and education is still continuing at the undergraduate level in Fisheries Engineering. Since the establishment of our faculty, a total of 372 students have graduated from 300 from formal and 72 from evening education.

Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Faculty of Fisheries consists of three main academic departments: Marine–Inland Waters Sciences and Technology Department, Aquaculture Department and Fishing and Seafood Processing Technology Department.

In our faculty, there are 20 laboratories and application units. They are: Fishnet Application Laboratory, Feed Analysis Laboratory, Food Quality Control Laboratory, Seafood Processing R & D Laboratory, Inland Waters and Marine Biology Laboratories, Aquaculture Laboratory, Fish Diseases Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, and the Fish Museum. Besides, the faculty has an R/V Rota 48 and Aquaculture Research and Development Unit in Milas/Ören.

Our faculty continues its activities on the main campus in Kötekli/Muğla. In Muğla, which is known as the center of the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector, many R & D projects are carried out with the faculty members - private sector cooperation. Faculty students have taken part in these studies and increase their knowledge and experience.

Former Deans
Prof.Dr. Belgin HOŞSU            (08/2003-06/2004)
Prof.Dr. Şener OKTİK              (06/2004-02/2005)
Prof.Dr. Murat BARLAS           (02/2005-06/2005)
Prof.Dr. Ahmet Nuri TARKAN  (06/2005-06/2008)(08/2008-01/2011)
Prof.Dr. Murat BARLAS           (01/2011-08/2011)
Prof.Dr. Taçnur BAYGAR         (09/2011-02/2018)
Prof. Dr. Celal ATEŞ                (02/2018-02/2021)
Prof. Dr. Halit FİLİZ                  (02/2021-....)